About Dvora  
  In Hebrew, her native tongue Dvora is a bee. It is assumed that she have earned this name within humor and rage.

In 1972 she accomplished her Art Studies at the Ramat Sharon College of Art by means of a scholarship from American Israeli scholarship. Ever since she have dedicated herself to Art and Artistry.

In 1982 - Dvora, her husband Zvi and their two children moved to Kenya for eight years.
The African Experience can transform an artist in all levels of perception and creativity. During her stay she painted and exhibited her works in various Galleries in Nairobi.
During that time she also got started on commercial art, designing Stamps for the Kenyan Post office, Stage Sets for the National Theatre and Murals for the UNEP headquarters Near Nairobi. etc

After her return to Israel in 1990 she continued Drawing and Exhibiting her works. In all she had ten Single artists exhibitions. She also designed a stamp series for the Israeli Post Office which received International acclaim.

In 1996 she returned to Academia and obtained  a "BA" degree in Computers and Education at "Beit-Berel" College.

In 1999 she received her "MA" in Information Science from Bar Ilan University.
After graduating she continued the art works painting and shaping sculptures in papier-mâché.

At the present she shares her time between Givatayim - Israel and Budapest – Hungary, where she also exhibits her works and volunteers at the docent program of the  Fine Art Museum of Budapest.